Wearables and Physical Computing

What is the future of technology interfaces beyond smartphones? In the past, we have built jewelry-based wearables, interactive body-mounted systems for embodied collaboration, and much more. Reach out to discuss your ideas and challenges in novel physical computing designs!

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Want to design the next generation of products for mixed reality? Wondering what does the future look like with Apple Vision Pro, Meta Oculus, and beyond? We have been exploring this question for more than 6 years and would love to share our learnings and expertise.

User Experience and App Design

How can we design digital interfaces that stick? Those that engage users and let them accomplish their goals? Our team builds on holistic design principles based in psychology, trends in design, and insights in user behavior, to help you design effective and trendy user interfaces. We are platform and device agnostic!

Conscious Technology

Can technology help raise human consciousness? Can it help change the way we live and nudge into building practices around mindful and healthier living? Having experience in multiple projects – from digital mindfulness apps like Momentri, to VR assisted meditations – we have experimented a lot. We are happy to share our experiences and learning to help and guide similar projects.


Have any questions? Want to join us in our mission? We are always open to discussing business collaborations, new projects, creative opportunities, and how we can help you.